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Refrigeration system main parts introduction

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Company News
Refrigeration system main parts introduction
Latest company news about Refrigeration system main parts introduction

Refrigeration system

A. The main refrigeration system consists of: compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve.

Refrigeration auxiliary system consists of: liquid storage, drying filter, shut-off valve, sight glass, solenoid valve.

Electrical control section


Refrigerant controller:

expansion valve, capillary tube, etc.

Refrigerant circuit controller:

four-way valve, check valve, double valve, solenoid valve.

Refrigerant pressure controller:

pressure switch, output pressure regulator, pressure controller.

Motor protector:

over current relay, thermal overcurrent relay, temperature relay.


Temperature regulator:

temperature level regulator, temperature proportional regulator.


Humidity regulator: 

humidity level regulator.

Defrost controller:

defrost temperature switch, defrost time relay, various temperature switches.

Cooling water control:

water shut-off relay, water volume control valve, water pump, etc.

Alarm control:

over temperature alarm, super humidity alarm, under voltage alarm and fire alarm, smoke alarm, etc.

Other controls:

indoor fan speed controller, outdoor fan speed controller.


B. The role of each part of the refrigeration system

(1) Compressor:

After consuming a certain amount of external power, the gaseous refrigerant in the evaporator is sucked in, and compressed to the condensing pressure and discharged into the condensation. From liquid to gas; it acts to compress and transport refrigerant vapor; it is low pressure (pressure)


(2) Evaporator:

After the refrigerant boils (evaporates) to absorb the heat of the cooled medium, it changes from a liquid state to a gaseous state; it is low temperature and low pressure (external cooling).

(3) Expansion valve (throttle valve):

The condensed high-pressure liquid refrigerant is throttled, reduced to the pressure required by the evaporator, and sent to the evaporator.


(4) Condenser:

The gaseous refrigerant transfers heat to the cooling medium (normal temperature water or air) during condensation and condenses into a liquid. Most of the above four working principles: These devices are connected in turn by pipes to form a closed system. When the system is working, the compressor draws the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant vapor generated by the evaporator into the cylinder, compresses it by the compressor, and the pressure rises (the temperature also rises) to a pressure slightly larger than the pressure inside the condenser. The high pressure refrigeration steam is discharged into the condenser. (Therefore, the compressor acts to compress and transport the refrigerant). The high temperature and high pressure refrigerant vapor in the condensation exchanges heat with the lower temperature air (or normal temperature water) to condense into a liquid refrigerant. At this time, the liquid refrigerant expands. After the valve is cooled (depressurized), it is sent to the evaporator, and the heat of the object to be cooled is absorbed in the evaporator and then vaporized. Thus, the object to be cooled is cooled and the refrigerant vapor is sucked away by the compressor, so that one cycle is completed in the refrigeration system by compression, condensation, expansion, and evaporation.



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