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Precautions for bag filter in operation

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Company News
Precautions for bag filter in operation
Latest company news about Precautions for bag filter in operation

The initial operation of the bag filter is called the operation within two months after the start of operation. These two months are the period when the bag dust collector is most likely to have problems. It is necessary to solve the problems even if they are used, so as to ensure the stable operation of the bag dust collector in the future work.



One, deal with air volume


In order to stabilize the pressure loss of filter bag, the method of greatly increasing air volume is often adopted at the beginning of operation. Allow the gas to flow smoothly through the filter bag. If the motor of the fan is overloaded, the total valve can be used to regulate the air volume. Because this kind of circumstance is quick for a while, slow for a few days can return to normal. Therefore, at the beginning of observation with the pressure gauge, it is also possible to infer the corresponding air volume value from the ammeter reading on the control panel.



Second, the temperature adjustment


Generally, it is easy for bag filter to deal with normal temperature gas. However, when dealing with high temperature and high humidity gas, if it is not heated at the beginning of operation, the filter bag is easily blocked by wet mesh, so that it cannot run. In addition, if the filter bag is not fully dried, condensation will often occur. It is difficult to predict the dew point of bag dust collector accurately, so it is necessary to pay attention to the problems of clogging of filter mesh and corrosion of inner surface of dust collector shell caused by condensation.



Dust removal efficiency



If a layer of dust adsorption layer is formed on the filter bag, the dust removal efficiency will be better. It is better to measure dust rate after several days or one month of operation of bag dust collector. Due to the increase of initial air volume, the bag dust collector is in an unstable state, and the dust removal efficiency of fine low-concentration dust should generally be more than 99.5%.





Four, dust emission



The dust collected in the bin can be discharged automatically or manually, but it must be arranged in a specified order. At the beginning of operation, there will be no ash discharge for several days in a row. The dust will remain on the bag until it reaches a large dust capacity of the dust collector, and then it will be discharged in an orderly manner. Once the dust discharge cycle is not correct, it will not form a stable operating system. The phenomenon of excessive amount of recycled dust is generally due to inaccurate design predetermined value at the beginning. If the amount of dust cannot be determined, it is necessary to continuously remove the dust at the beginning to control the amount of recycling.




Installation of bag filter



Bags will become longer after a period of time (one to two months later). Slacken. On the one hand, it will contact with the adjacent cloth bag box and cause wear, on the other hand, it is in the relaxed position, because of dust accumulation and friction, the cloth bag appears empty. In addition, due to the disappearance of tension, the cleaning effect will become worse, resulting in the clogging of the cloth bag mesh. Therefore, it is necessary to check the equipment 1 to 2 months after installation and adjust the tension. Note that although the tension of a spring-loaded bag filter may not be adjusted, regular checks are necessary and improper springs must be replaced after one year of operation



Vi. Auxiliary equipment



Pipe, vacuum cover is an important accessory equipment. At the beginning of the rotation and often through abnormal vibration, inhalation, poor operation and other faults to judge. During the initial operation, attention should be paid to whether the exhaust fan reverses, and timely oiling the fan. Even now most of the fans with automatic start device; Accidents are rare; However, in the case that there is no automatic start, the power supply is burnt out and the motor runs single-phase due to the failure of starting, resulting in burning accidents in the early stage of operation.




In addition, the rapid change of gas temperature on the fan is also a great impact, must avoid such a situation! The change with the temperature may cause the fan to change, so as to form a state of unbalanced movement, vibration occurs. In addition, when stopping the operation, if the temperature suddenly drops a lot, there will be the risk of vibration when starting again.





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