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Method of Electromagnetic Pulse Valve Selection

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Company News
Method of Electromagnetic Pulse Valve Selection
Latest company news about Method of Electromagnetic Pulse Valve Selection
A. Brand selection: electromagnetic pulse valve is the heart of dust removal equipment, and its total price is about 5% of the overall price of pulsed duster; It is 1% of the cost of the air box pulse dust remover, and the imported pulse valve is only 1 ~ 2% more than the total cost of the equipment of the domestic valve. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to save the equipment cost on the pulse valve and assume the risk of failure of the whole dust removal system.
B. select manufacturers with a long history: valve manufacturers have more than 10 years of pre-production history and successful cases, so as to ensure that pulse solenoid valve products have a sound quality assurance system.
C. Choose long free warranty period: the number of test actions of pulse valve is insufficient to clarify the quality of valve is concave and convex, and the diaphragm has the aging factor test of passing the age, so the valve supplier has the free warranty period of supplying diaphragm and electromagnetic coil, generally 2 years.
D. Select pulse valve with wide application of pressure scale: the pressure resistance scale of pulse valve should reach at least 1 ~ 8kg/cm2. In this way, if the resistance of filter material increases with time in the application process, the outstanding working resistance of the dust collector can be maintained by adjusting the pressure of air bag to ensure that the filter material will not paste the bag.
E. practical and injection volume of pulse valve selection: the interface dimensions of the pulse valve and often cannot distinguish the soot cleaning functions. Some planning to choose small diameter of pulse valve diaphragm, but only the interface. For example: using 2 "of the diaphragm valve is installed in 2 1/2" in the interface of the valve shell. This will make the valve injection volume lack Clinton ash removal system.
F. to pick the pulse valve of low resistance: the internal structure of pulse valve requirements to ensure that the injection volume is big, diaphragm long journeys, shell structure according to the fluid mechanics in planning the small resistance of the valve. Because of the planning body, some 3 "interface injection gas valve can only arrived in" 1 ~ "2 interface of gas injection valve. Choose low resistance, high injection volume of pulse valve, each valve can clean out the filter material of large area, greatly saves the overall cost of injection system. Because of a cutback in valves, filter operation and maintenance cost is also reduced.
Electromagnetic pulse valve blowing environment and quantity
High relative humidity in the environment and the occasion of water dripping rain, should choose waterproof electromagnetic pulse valve.
Electromagnetic pulse valve environmental conditions:
1. In the case of high relative humidity in the environment and dripping rain, waterproof electromagnetic pulse valve should be selected.
2. The rated current and consumed power should be selected according to the power supply capacity. Attention should be paid to the high VA value when ac starting, and the direct guided electromagnetic pulse valve should be preferred when the capacity is insufficient.
3. According to the type of power supply, ac and dc electromagnetic pulse valves are selected. Generally speaking, ac power is convenient to access.
4. Corrosion resistance should be selected in priority according to the requirements of the application in corrosive or explosive environment.
5. If the environment space is limited, please choose multi-function electromagnetic pulse valve, because it eliminates bypass and three-hand valve and is convenient for online repair.
6. Power condition of electromagnetic pulse valve
7. The environment often oscillate, bump and impact should be selected for special occasions, such as Marine electromagnetic pulse valve.
8. The voltage standard should give priority to AC220V and DC24V.
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