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Common fault diagnosis method for automation equipment

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Common fault diagnosis method for automation equipment

Any automation equipment consists of three parts: the actuator, the sensor part, and the controller part. When the automation equipment suddenly fails and does not work, or the work sequence is abnormal, it is necessary to perform fault diagnosis.


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Below we take a look at the three parts of the device to understand the method of diagnostic automation equipment failure:


1. Checking all power, air, hydraulic source, air and hydraulic sources of the automation equipment can often lead to failure of the automation equipment. For example, there is a problem with the power supply, including the fault of the entire workshop power supply, such as low power supply, burned out of the insurance, poor contact of the power plug, etc.; the air pump or hydraulic pump is not turned on, the pneumatic triple or the two-piece is not opened, and the relief valve in the hydraulic system Or some pressure valves are not open, etc. The detection of automation equipment should include the following aspects: a, power supply, including the power supply of each equipment and the power of the workshop. b. Gas source, including the air pressure source required for the pneumatic device. c. Hydraulic source, including the operation of the hydraulic pump required for the hydraulic device of the automation equipment.


2. Check if the sensor position of the automation equipment is offset. Due to the negligence of the equipment maintenance personnel, the position of some sensors may be wrong, such as not in place, sensor failure, sensitivity failure, etc. Always check the sensor's sensing position and sensitivity, and adjust the deviation in time. If the sensor is broken, replace it immediately. Many times, in addition, due to the vibration of the automation equipment, most of the sensors will be loose after a long period of use, so in the routine maintenance, always check whether the sensor is in the correct position and is firmly fixed.


3. Check the relays of the automation equipment, the flow control valve, and the pressure control valve. Like the magnetic induction sensor, the long-term use will also cause the adhesion of the ground, which will not guarantee the normality of the electrical circuit and need to be replaced. In pneumatic or hydraulic systems, the throttle opening and the pressure regulating spring of the pressure valve may also loosen or slide as the device vibrates. These devices, like sensors, are components that require routine maintenance in automated equipment.


4. Check the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic circuit connections. If no problems are found in the above three steps, then check all circuits. Check if there is any open circuit in the circuit, especially if the wire in the wire slot is broken by the wire slot. Inspect the air tube for damaging creases. Check if the hydraulic hose is clogged. If the trachea has a serious crease, replace it immediately. The hydraulic tubing should be replaced.


After ensuring that the above steps are correct, the fault can occur in the controller of the automation device, but it can never be a program problem. First of all, don't be sure that the controller is destroyed. As long as there is no serious short circuit, the controller has short-circuit protection inside. The general short circuit will not burn the controller.



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