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Classification of industrial dust removal equipment

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Company News
Classification of industrial dust removal equipment
Latest company news about Classification of industrial dust removal equipment

Classification of industrial dust removal equipment

Industrial dust removal equipment is a device that separates the dust in the flue gas emitted by the industry during the production process from the flue gas. The performance of the industrial dust collector is the resistance loss through the dust collector when the amount of gas can be treated and the dust is removed. Expressed by efficiency. At the same time, the price, operation and maintenance costs, service life and operation management of industrial dust collectors are also important factors in considering their performance.Our DMF series pulse solenoid valve is one of the most important components. Through the pulse signal, the valve is opened and closed to complete the process of blowing dust.There are many types of industrial dust removal equipment as follows:


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1. Bag filter
For this type of dust collector equipment, the dust is mainly collected through the dust bag, according to its design principle, it can be divided into: mechanical vibration type bag filter and atmospheric back-blown bag type dust collector and pulse-jet type bag type dust collector. Three kinds. It is mainly used to separate particulate dust and fine dust dust in industrial production. The fields involved include: cement, thermal power plants, building materials, asphalt mixers, grain, foundry, metallurgy, mining, chemical, tobacco, mechanical processing, boiler dust removal.

2. Cyclone dust collector
The cyclone dust collector separates the fine particles contained in the dust gas by high-speed centrifugal force, and is more common in industries such as machining, mine sand and gravel line, cement production line, and metallurgical inspection. This type of dust collector device has a good effect on dust coarse subdivision filtration.

3. Wet dust collector
Wet type dust collectors can be divided into water storage type wet dust collectors, pressurized water spray type and forced rotary spray type wet desulfurization dust collectors; the energy consumption can be divided into low energy consumption and high energy consumption; The gas-liquid contact type can be divided into a whole and a distributed contact type wet dust collector. Uses: Suitable for metallurgy, coal, chemical, foundry, power generation, building materials and refractory materials.

4. Dust collector / dust collector
Dust collectors can be used with other large dust removal equipment to store dust. Dust collectors can be divided into: electronic dust collectors, combined dust collectors, dust collector principles, wood dust collectors, and large air dust collectors. Uses: This equipment is widely used in chemical, electric power, metallurgy, cement, ceramics, medicine, biology, food and other fields.

5. Central dust collection system
The central dust collection system is a holistic, systematic dust removal device that has both dust removal and dust storage. Uses: Central dust collection system is widely used in electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, machinery, cement, metallurgy, plastics, abrasives and other industries to collect dust, particulate matter, metal scrap and other uses. 9. Single-machine dust collector This is a dust environment that is applied to a small amount of dust and a small space. Generally, it can be divided into rocking type, self-control cleaning, pulse single-machine dust collector, bag single-machine dust collector and so on.


6. Filter cartridge dust collector
The filter cartridge dust collector is an efficient dust collector device, which specifically solves some drawbacks such as difficult dust collection, poor filtration effect, high filtration wind speed and easy cleaning, which makes the dust collector equipment double the operation cost and dust removal effect. The conventional filter cartridge dust collector has two methods of cleaning, one is high pressure airflow backflushing, and the other is pulsed airflow blowing. Filter cartridge dust collectors are currently used in China's tobacco, pharmaceutical, mechanical processing, food, metallurgy, chemical, metal processing, building materials, light industry, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

7. Desulfurization dust collector
It is mainly used in the working process of coal-fired power generation or boiler dust removal. It increases the contact and surface of the flue gas and the aqueous solution to promote the full dissolution and neutralization of the flue gas and the spray water, thereby achieving the dust removal, desulfurization and dust removal effect of the dust collector. It has significant environmental protection effects on coal-fired power generation waste gas treatment and energy conservation and emission reduction.

8. Mobile dust collector
Mobile dusters, as the name suggests, are mobile dust collector devices. The basic structure of the mobile dust collector consists of a box, a fan, a filter bag, and a dust collector. The dust collector is generally compact in structure, small in size and convenient for transportation. It is mainly used in some environments with small dust content, and is also suitable for personal and small-scale production of dust environment. The flexibility is the biggest highlight of this equipment. Applications: Powder removal in pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, food and other industries (eg, tablet presses, sugar-coated pans, mixers, shredders, sieving machines, etc.).


9. Electrostatic precipitator
At present, the electrostatic precipitators used in the industry can be divided into vertical and horizontal according to the direction of the airflow, and are divided into a plate type and a tube type according to the sedimentary pole type, and are separated into dry according to the method of removing dust on the sediment plate. Wet type, spiral umbrella type high-efficiency electrostatic precipitator and high-voltage electrostatic precipitator for boring machine. It is mainly used to separate particulate dust and fine dust contained in industrial exhaust emissions. Because the effect of this type of dust collector equipment is not very satisfactory, and the current national industrial waste gas emission emission index has increased, many manufacturers' electrostatic precipitator production processes have been unable to meet the corresponding standards, and are gradually replaced by other dust collector equipment.



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