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China's pneumatic actuator market wider and wider

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Company News
China's pneumatic actuator market wider and wider
Latest company news about China's pneumatic actuator market wider and wider

Now pneumatic actuators in electronic appliances, hydraulic, are one of the most effective production process automation technology, widely used in various departments, according to statistics in the industrial development countries, there are about 30% of all automated processes equipped with pneumatic tools. China started the research and application of manufacturing and pneumatic technology relatively late, but there has been great development in the past decade. Pneumatic technology has been gradually applied to various industrial sectors, in production has played a significant benefit.

Pneumatic actuators have promising prospects. First in terms of working ability, pneumatic tools through the operation of the air supply valve handle and adjust the regulator can be done very simply, can provide more options to level speed range, under the condition of the same output power, small, lightweight compared to electric tools, pneumatic tools is more suitable for working long hours, without fever phenomenon, and overload occur even if the compressed air engine, the tool is just stop running, once remove overload phenomenon has resumed normal operation. Secondly, in terms of environmental applicability, pneumatic tools have strong water resistance.



The rapid development of China's pneumatic system also led to the development of pneumatic tools, more and more businesses are optimistic about the pneumatic tools market, on the one hand, it is relatively high technical requirements, most of the previous products are mainly introduced from the United States, Germany, Japan, hardware market products are mainly produced in Taiwan. And now with the improvement of domestic production technology, some enterprises like wenzhou, Shanghai have launched pneumatic tools products. And pneumatic tools are also widely used, guangdong, Shanghai, jiangsu, fujian and other coastal provinces and cities of the assembly industry, machinery, transport and yongkang scooter, electric bicycles, motorcycles assembly as well as auto repair plants and some assembly line operations of enterprises and manufacturers have used pneumatic tools.



Pneumatic tools are used the same as electric tools, or even more convenient to use than electric tools, it has a small and exquisite body, long life, high safety, and can save energy and other advantages. As far as the general situation is concerned, its varieties and specifications are relatively complete, such as gouge, gun drill, polishing machine, impact wrench, etc. These pneumatic tools are also widely used in places where power tools are not convenient to use, such as carpentry, lockmaking, gas stations, chemical industry and so on. Thus, with the continuous improvement and maturity of domestic production technology, the development of pneumatic tools will be more and more wide!



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