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China's Diaphragm Technology be in the same line with World Advanced Technology

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Company News
China's Diaphragm Technology be in the same line with World Advanced Technology
Latest company news about China's Diaphragm Technology be in the same line with World Advanced Technology
By 2015, the year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the Chinese film market is expected to reach RMB 40 billion, of which 85% to 90% are in the water treatment sector.

In 2010, the international film market reached US$6 billion, of which the core membrane component market was approximately US$1 billion. The application of membranes in the field of water treatment accounts for 85% to 90% of the entire membrane market. “The water industry is the most widely used market for membrane technology”.

Main technical features:

Low operating cost: Under the same membrane flux operating conditions, the high-performance composite membrane TM has a lower transmembrane operating pressure, which can maintain low-pressure and high-flux operation for a long time, and the backwashing cycle is extended by more than 50%, and there is obvious water saving (saving Backwashing water), the advantages of saving medicine (saving backwashing and chemical backwashing), energy saving (saving power consumption such as water pump).

Low-pressure large-flux: Under the same transmembrane pressure conditions, the high-performance composite membrane TM flux is increased by more than 30%, and it has outstanding performance in both porosity and standard pure water flux tests.
Good anti-pollution ability: Due to the permanent hydrophilic layer of high-performance composite membrane TM, the hydrophilic angle of the membrane is only 36.6°, which reduces the pollution caused by hydrophobic pollutants; the hydrophilicity of the membrane makes the membrane It is not easy to be polluted under long-term use, and it is easy to clean even if the gel layer is formed, and it can be applied to high-polluting wastewater treatment. High mechanical strength: Due to the use of state-of-the-art preparation techniques and materials, the tensile strength of the film is large and it is not prone to breakage. Stable removal efficiency: The composite membrane has an extremely regular pore size distribution and stable effluent quality, which can effectively remove solid suspensions with a particle size of 0.03 to 0.10 microns.
Strong anti-oxidation: The unique nanotechnology makes the high-performance composite membrane TM have better chlorine resistance and oxidation resistance. Technical level of special application field: It shows strong anti-pollution ability in the process of dealing with high-durability wastewater such as oil. For example, 80mg/L oily wastewater is treated, the oil content of permeate is 0.67mg/L, and the retention rate is 99.16%. In the application of membranes, solenoid valves, such as MBR technology, are close to the world's advanced level; in the preparation of membranes, ultrafiltration membrane technology is also superior to the world's advanced level, such as Lisheng's products. The large-scale application of MBR technology in the municipal sector is an important reason for the improvement of the level. This is rarely the case in other developed countries. China's Bishuiyuan has realized a "business legend" in the development of the MBR market and has done a lot of pioneering work. Large companies like GE have previously valued high-level cooperation with the government. In the past two years, they have also started to compete with companies such as Bishuiyuan.
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