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The status of the global industrial robot industry

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Company News
The status of the global industrial robot industry

Intelligent robots are a "big master" of today's high-tech, integrating materials, machinery, electronics, biology, control, sensing, software, artificial intelligence and other multidisciplinary advanced technologies. The research and development, manufacturing and application of robots have become the “competition field” for countries to compete for comprehensive technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing strength.


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In a factory, an average of 100,000 dumplings are produced in an hour, and the packaging is distributed to all parts of the world. In this factory covering thousands of square meters, there is no one, and some are just busy and orderly robots. From the dough, stuffing and then to the dumplings, from plastic packaging, piece counting, sorting to palletizing, the whole process is complete. It is done by robots with different divisions of work and coordinated order. The pneumatic gripper can accurately grasp the soft dumplings of the outer skin, without causing any damage to the dumplings, and the grasping and placement are accurate. X-rays and detectors can reject dumplings of unsatisfactory shape or quality. These robotic teams can withstand a freezing line of minus 50 degrees and can work 24 hours a day.

With the advent of the era of intelligent revolution, intelligent robots blew the horn of the fourth industrial revolution. In this magnificent and heroic historical turning point, many new upstarts in the robot industry have emerged. New technologies and new applications are also driving the dramatic changes in the robot industry. Denmark's "UniversalRobots" and the United States' "RethinkRobotics" incorporate more collaboration and intelligence. Boston Dynamics combines dynamics and structural mechanics. These robotic upstarts are moving to the four major families of traditional industrial robots (Kuka, Switzerland, ABB and Japan). Nako and Yaskawa) challenged. The "IntuitiveSurgical" Da Vinci surgical robot and Sony Aibo have greatly expanded the market space of medical robots and service robots, making service robots and medical, military and other special robots evenly divided with traditional industrial robots, occupying the global robot production value. half. The newly developed 3D printed liquid crystal elastomer actuators for various shape deformations and new materials that can be navigated by tip growth will enhance and promote the development of software robots. Muscle-simulated self-healing and hydraulic-magnification actuators can lift objects that are more than 200 times heavier, further enhancing the robot's "muscle" capabilities. Self-assembled nanoscale robots from DNA, DelFly biomimetic robots and soft wearable robots have driven the development and application of new robots, redefining the boundaries of the robot market.


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The reshaping of the industrial structure will inevitably lead to industrial transfer and industrial restructuring, which has brought new opportunities to all countries in the world. Taking South Korea as an example, in the wave of global robot industry development, the South Korean government launched a violent offensive and launched a combination of "key technology breakthroughs, horizontal industry diffusion, strengthening international standards, and building an ecological network", with the intention of competing for global robots. Industry deer. In the Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang, South Korea in 2018, South Korea showed off the "muscle" of its "robot" technology. The robot not only served as security, but also responsible for understanding, and also served as the world's first robotic torchbearer. The "Robot Ski Competition". After more than a decade of unremitting efforts, South Korea's robot industry has leapfrogged. According to the statistics of the International Robot Federation, South Korea has consistently ranked first in the ranking of robot density (the number of industrial robots per 10,000 employees) in countries around the world. It can be said that South Korea has become a new force that can compete with Japan, the United States and Europe.


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In the restructuring of the global robot industry, China, as the world's second largest economy, is bound to play an irreplaceable role in this process. China's huge open market attracts all the world's top robot giants. Germany's KUKA has deployed its new factory in Shanghai. ABB Switzerland has directly moved its robot business headquarters to Shanghai, China. Japan's FANUC and Yaskawa are actively joint ventures with local Chinese companies to set up robotics companies to develop the Chinese market. The US iRobot has pushed its specific high-end sweeping robot to China. The Pepper robot developed by Japan Softbank Group and Aldebaran Robotics of France is also actively entering China with the help of domestic companies such as Alibaba and Haier. These global robot giants have entered China and are both a major opportunity and a huge challenge for China.


The technology required for the robot industry is very deep, and there are still obvious shortcomings in China, whether it is in traditional machinery and electronics, or in emerging biological and artificial intelligence technologies. The top ten cool robotics selected by Science in 2019 are far away from us, from original research that may change the future of robotics to commercial products that support basic science and promote industrial and medical innovation. The robot industry still has a long way to go.



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