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Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment, diversified combination

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Company News
Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment, diversified combination

Pharmaceutical company wastewater treatment

In recent years, under the high pressure of energy conservation and environmental protection, heavy polluting enterprises such as pharmaceuticals must carry out necessary treatment on pollutants and discharge them after reaching the standard. It is understood that pharmaceutical wastewater has complex composition, many types of organic pollutants, high concentration, difficult to biodegrade and toxic substances, and is one of the industrial wastewaters that are difficult to treat. How to treat pharmaceutical wastewater and discharge it to standards is a difficult environmental issue today.


According to industry experts, the difficulty in pharmaceutical wastewater treatment is that certain components in the wastewater may inhibit the growth of microorganisms, further reduce the biodegradability of the wastewater, and make the effluent not meet the discharge standards. Therefore, improving biodegradability is a major problem faced by pharmaceutical companies in the pharmaceutical wastewater treatment process. At present, the treatment methods of pharmaceutical wastewater mainly include physical and chemical methods, chemical methods and biochemical methods, and combined treatment processes.


Among them, physical and chemical methods can be used as a pretreatment method to improve the biodegradability of wastewater, and can also be used as an advanced treatment method to discharge the effluent to the standard. The main physical and chemical treatments include coagulation, adsorption, flotation, ion exchange and membrane separation.


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Chemical methods are conventional methods for wastewater treatment and are currently relatively common in oxidation, electrolysis and advanced oxidation processes.


Due to the separate aerobic or anaerobic biological treatments in the pharmaceutical wastewater treatment process, biochemical methods often fail to achieve the desired treatment, so a combination of methods is often used to meet emission standards.


Many pharmaceutical companies currently have their own unique methods for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment. For example, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical follows the principle of precise classification and attempts to recycle pharmaceutical wastewater for full process control.


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For APIs, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical classifies the waste liquids in the production process and divides them into single-component and multi-component treatments to reduce the treatment pressure of the wastewater treatment system and the difficulty of waste treatment.


In the case of traditional Chinese medicine wastewater, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical classifies high-concentration wastewater and low-concentration wastewater generated during the production process to reduce sewage treatment costs and improve the treatment efficiency of sewage treatment facilities.


For the use, transportation or storage of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical's Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) technology can detect the sealing points of equipment and pipelines, thus effectively controlling VOC leakage.


In terms of pollutant treatment processes and facilities, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. tends to use domestic and foreign good processes or facilities for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment, recovering tail water as much as possible, and not recycling, in line with legal standards. A lower emission concentration is achieved.


In addition, the Yangtze River Medical Safety and Environmental Protection Department will conduct 2 on-site assistance and 2 flight inspections to the subsidiaries each year to assist the subsidiaries in self-examination and continuous improvement.


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In general, the pharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and the production of pharmaceutical wastewater has become one of the serious sources of pollution. The total amount of emissions is increasing, the ingredients are becoming more and more complex, new types of pollutants are increasing, and treatment methods need to be diversified. Chemical industry.


“The treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater with a single treatment method has certain limitations, and various technologies are used to optimize the combination, such as pretreatment physical and chemical methods to reduce the toxicity of pharmaceutical wastewater. The core treatment is based on biological methods, the combination of BOD and ammonia nitrogen in processing pharmaceutical wastewater. Various treatment methods can play a better role. "People in pharmaceutical companies said that they should be classified according to the type of pharmaceutical wastewater of the company so that the emission meets the standards and helps the pharmaceutical industry to win. "The blue sky defends this battle."


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