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Industrial robot production role

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Industrial robot production role

Industrial robots continue to expand in the field of production and application, so that the production of robots constantly put forward new requirements, which promotes the improvement of robot technology. At the same time, the improvement of robot performance and intelligence level also makes robots continue to replace the role of people in production, and widely replace people in various production operations, becoming the main labor force in the production activities of enterprises. The role of industrial robots in production, from the replacement of most of the physical labor, to part of the mental work, and then evolved into an integrated automated production system, played a role of management coordination.

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Isolated robots have no practical value in production. The role and role of the robot in production is actually reflected by the structure and function of different end-executing devices (hands) according to the production content, product structure, process requirements and other factors, and realizes loading, unloading, assembly, processing and testing. And various independent or compound work functions such as intelligent judgment.


For the processing robots that perform production and processing and add value to the products, the claws integrate various processing tools (welding guns, spray guns, knives, grinding wheels and polishing wheels, etc.) to achieve welding, painting, grinding, inspection, and Production processes such as assembly have played a major role in production and are irreplaceable in terms of process, precision, production efficiency and quality. However, for those auxiliary robots that cooperate with the working machine or other automation equipment, or independently realize the pick-and-place material, the structure and function of the claws are relatively simple, and there is no obvious advantage in terms of process, production efficiency, quality, etc. Production support work, with alternatives.


At present, about 75% of industrial robots that are widely used in various production stages are engaged in the auxiliary work of simple pick and place materials. Therefore, bearing the production supporting role is still the mainstream of industrial robot production applications. If the various types of structures and functions of the hand grips make the industrial robot play a huge role in production, then add auxiliary machinery to mount the robot on the movable slide table, guide rail or roller to expand the production operation of the robot. Space is tantamount to attaching the legs and feet to the robot and inserting wings to achieve one or more dimensions of movement, greatly improving the working ability and application field of the robot.


With the robots of the hands and feet, and then the visual sensing devices such as CCDs and sensors are installed, it is like putting the eyes and brain on the robot, so that it has functions such as visualization, analysis and judgment, and system feedback. In the production system integration environment, Realize intelligent work such as analysis and judgment, fault handling, and production management.


Therefore, the high-efficiency robot end effect device (hand gripper), the continuous extension of the auxiliary mechanism of the robot's action space, and the intelligent ability to enhance the vision, perception, detection and analysis of the robot are the status and role of the industrial robot in production applications. An important embodiment.

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