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Artificial Intelligence Technology and Robotics

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Company News
Artificial Intelligence Technology and Robotics

With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the arrival of the industrial 4.0 era and the aging society, robots have become the next wave of technological breakthroughs or ushered in tremendous explosive development.


Robots are no longer just science fiction movies, but now progressive movies. Nowadays, sweeping robots enter ordinary households, factories become mechanical weapons, even drones provide parcels, robotic surgery, unmanned taxis... Robots have penetrated into everyday life, attracting global heavyweights to invest and Fight for this innovative business opportunity.


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Much of the growth in the robotics industry is due to technology. In recent years, technologies such as big data, computing power and machine deep learning have become increasingly mature, contributing to the popularization of artificial intelligence and the expansion of application fields. As a result, the robotics industry has experienced explosive growth, not only driving new manufacturing models and business models, but also promoting the booming of the smart economy.


Since it is widely expected that the robotics industry will have a bright future, not only are countries all over the world vying to invest, but investors also want to grasp relevant investment opportunities. However, the robot problem has been brewing for many years, is industrial development overheated? Is it time to lay out? In this regard, industry insiders said that the energy, mining, production technology, technology and other types of industries that everyone liked to invest in are popular trends. These industries are in a big outbreak year and they are surprisingly cumulative. Like these industries, robots are a big trend, not an industry that is coming to an end. In the future, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence and other technologies, the future development of the robot industry can still be expected. At this stage, relevant topics can still be arranged to capture investment opportunities in smart technologies.


The robotics industry has huge business opportunities, and the market size may be beyond imagination, including robotics, automation and artificial intelligence, benefiting from the software and hardware industry chain.


Traktika expects global robot revenue to exceed $100 billion for the first time in 2020 and $500 billion in 2025. In other words, in the next six years, the global robotics industry's revenue growth will exceed 500%.


Today, robots are widely used in retail, logistics, medical, agricultural, industrial and other fields, and many industries will usher in a new round of development. Because of this, many companies realize that robots are about to change the world situation, embrace the development of robots, and strive to seize the opportunities in the intelligent revolution.


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In the field of robotics, companies that develop robotic sensing, processing, communication, and mobile technologies should be noted. In the field of artificial intelligence, robots and automation companies that help consumers apply everyday services can be listed as investments.




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