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Dust Collector Pulse Valve Repair Kit Solenoid Coil With Flying Leads

Dust Collector Pulse Valve Repair Kit Solenoid Coil With Flying Leads

  • Dust Collector Pulse Valve Repair Kit Solenoid Coil With Flying Leads
  • Dust Collector Pulse Valve Repair Kit Solenoid Coil With Flying Leads
  • Dust Collector Pulse Valve Repair Kit Solenoid Coil With Flying Leads
  • Dust Collector Pulse Valve Repair Kit Solenoid Coil With Flying Leads
Dust Collector Pulse Valve Repair Kit Solenoid Coil With Flying Leads
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Brando
Certification: CE
Model Number: BB13241001
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Packaging Details: inner boxes,cartons,pallets
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Hole Size: 13.5mm Height: 41.0mm
Width: 33.0mm Voltage: DC24V, AC220V
Power: 15VA, 20VA, 12W, 15W, 19W Connector: Flying Leads
Insulation Class: F, H Enameled Wire Material: Copper
Application: Pulse Valve
High Light:

Pulse Valve Solenoid Coil


Solenoid Coil For Pulse Valve


Pulse Valve Coil

Dust Collector Pulse Valve Repair Kit Solenoid Coil With Flying Leads


The pulse valve includes a solenoid coil that occupies this important position throughout the device, leaving the coil device as a whole inoperable. The development of pulse valves is relatively late, the main reason is the problem of coils. People have applied electromagnetic properties earlier, but when they started to study the coils suitable for pulse valves, they could not find a suitable coil to carry out the work of energization.

Now with the continuous development of technology, pulse valves are constantly developing. In order to make the development of pulse valves faster, the first is the development of solenoid coils. Only the technical development of this coil can better promote the development of the pulse valve. The operation of this device is relatively simple, and it can work directly by directly energizing the side. The solenoid coil is mounted inside the pulse valve, which also avoids interference and damage to the coil by other things.

The operation of the pulse valve includes switching and adjusting the valve. At this time, the operator only needs to adjust the operating valve according to his own needs. The solenoid coil guarantees better operation of this equipment and is also a condition for equipment development.



What problems occur when the solenoid valve coil is in use?

Everyone knows that solenoid valves play an important role in industrial applications, and they have a long running time, and sometimes there are some problems that make the equipment not function properly. Most of this problem is caused by improper use of the solenoid valve coil.

The solenoid valve coil may not be very secure at the time of installation. During the operation of the device, the coil is in a strong operation, so that the coil will fall, the solenoid valve will not operate normally, or some may fall, and some may not. It may cause the device to work for a while and not work properly, both of which will delay the work. At this time, the operation is relatively simple, and the coil can be firmly fixed on the solenoid valve. There is also a case where the solenoid valve coil may be burnt out due to excessive voltage, and the device may not operate normally.

Therefore, when using the solenoid valve later, be sure to check the position of the solenoid valve coil and do the correct operation of the solenoid valve coil. This will ensure that the solenoid valve will not cause problems.


Dimension of BB13241001 Solenoid Valve Coil :

Dimension of BB13237513 Solenoid Valve Coil :

Technical Data:

Hole size
Flying leads
DC24V, AC220V
15VA, 20VA, 12W, 15W, 19W
Insulation class
F, H
Applicaation examples
Pulse Valve

Solenoid Coil Production Line:

Dust Collector Pulse Valve Repair Kit Solenoid Coil With Flying Leads 1

1. This air suspension compressor pump solenoid coil is made of high quality components.

2. Replaces the original air compressor solenoid coil of your car and equal the original quality.
3. Please double confirm the compatibility as well as the OEM number before purchasing.
4. Instruction is not included. Professional installation is recommended.


Steps and methods for properly installing a solenoid valve coil:

1. Check if the solenoid valve and the selected parameters are the same, such as differential pressure, etc. If the error occurs, the solenoid valve coil will be burned out. Voltage fluctuations should be within the normal range and meet the rated voltage.

2. Before connecting the pipeline, flush the pipeline and remove the residual dirt in the pipeline. If there are residual stains, it will affect the normal use of the solenoid valve. To prevent this, a filter should be installed in the pipeline.

3. Install the solenoid valve coil of the solenoid valve vertically on the horizontal and ground pipes. If there is a special situation, it cannot be installed vertically. The appropriate solenoid valve should be ordered in advance, otherwise the solenoid valve will not work properly.

4. When installing, add a safety process and install a manual cutting valve to facilitate maintenance in case of failure.

5. Pay attention to the direction when installing, can not be reversed, installed in the direction indicated on the package, and can be reversed in some special cases such as vacuum.

6. If the water may be damaged by the medium, you must take appropriate protective measures or choose a solenoid valve with a waterproof hammer function.

7. The solenoid valve cannot be energized all the time, otherwise it will reduce its life. Note that normally open, normally closed solenoid valves cannot be used with care.


Product Features:
1. Using high quality wire which has UL approved; 2. Using high quality permeablity magnetic material which contain low carbon;
3. Using high quality housing material like PA66, PBT, PPS, BMC and so on.
4. Insulation class can be B, F, H, N, C;
5. Protection class can be IP65, IP67 & IP69K;
6. We also offer special coils like ex-proof coils, water proof coils and so on.
7. If you have special requirement, pls feel free to contact us.


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