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AMISCO DIN43650 Form A EVI 3P/16 Hydraulic Valve Electrical Coil

AMISCO DIN43650 Form A EVI 3P/16 Hydraulic Valve Electrical Coil

  • AMISCO DIN43650 Form A EVI 3P/16 Hydraulic Valve Electrical Coil
  • AMISCO DIN43650 Form A EVI 3P/16 Hydraulic Valve Electrical Coil
AMISCO DIN43650 Form A EVI 3P/16 Hydraulic Valve Electrical Coil
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Brando
Certification: CE
Model Number: BB16050020
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Packaging Details: inner boxes,cartons,pallets
Delivery Time: 7 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100000 pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Hole Size: 16mm Height: 50mm
Width: 37.5mm Connection Type: DIN43650A
Voltage: DC12V, DC24V (±10%) Power: 26W
Insulation Class: H, F Protection Class: IP65
Reference Number: EVI 3P/16 Application: Hydraulic Cartridge Solenoid Check Valve
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AMISCO Electrical Coil


EVI 3P/16 Electrical Coil


EVI 3P/16 Hydraulic Coil

 AMISCO DIN43650 Form A EVI 3P/16 Hydraulic Valve Electrical Coil


This Amisco Type EVI 3P/16 coil is widely used in hydraulic check valves. Check valves are used in hydraulic systems to prevent reverse flow of oil flow or in pneumatic systems to prevent reverse flow of compressed air. The pilot operated check valve is also called a lock valve or a pressure maintaining valve. It is the same as the check valve to prevent reverse flow of oil. However, when the oil flow needs to flow in the opposite direction in the hydraulic circuit, the control oil pressure can be utilized to open the check valve so that the oil flow can flow in both directions. The pilot operated check valve uses a conical spool, so the sealing performance is good. When a closed oil circuit is required, this valve can be used as a one-way locking of the oil passage to maintain the pressure. The hydraulic control check valve controls the leakage of oil in the form of internal leakage and external leakage. The internal venting type can be used in the oil passage with no back pressure at the reverse flow of the oil flow; otherwise, the external venting type is required to reduce the control oil pressure.


Solenoid Working Principle
The solenoid simply works on the principle of “electromagnetism”. When the current flow through the coil magnetic field is generated in it, if you place a metal core inside the coil the magnetic lines of flux is concentrated on the core which increases the induction of the coil as compared to the air core.

Types of Solenoids
There are different types of solenoids available in the market, the classification is made based on material, Design and function.
AC- Laminated Solenoid
DC- C Frame Solenoid
DC- D Frame Solenoid
Linear Solenoid
Rotary Solenoid


Technical data of AMISCO Type 3P/16 Hydraulic Solenoid Coils:

Model No. BB16050020
Ref No. EVI 3P/16
Normal voltage DC12V, DC24V (±10%)
Normal power DC: 26W
Material Plastic, Brass
Wire class H, F
Connection DIN43650A
Application Hydraulic Cartridge Solenoid Check Valve
Hole size 16 mm
Height 37.5 mm
Width 50 mm

Overall dimension of Solenoid Coils:

Overall dimension of EVI 3P/16 DIN43650A AMISCO Hydraulic Coils


Detail enlargement of EVI 3P/16 electromagnetic Valve Coils:

Details enlargement of DC24V/AC220V EVI 3P/16 Solenoid Valve Coils 


Brando offers a wide range of solenoid valve coils, which designed into various types, mainly features encapsulated coils, including thermoplastic and thermosetting. Our coils have the characteristics of High Performance, High Reliability and Long Service Life, can be used for Different Applications. We also provide excellent Customized Service.


Solenoid Coil Main Features:

1. Heat resistant bobbin moulded with thermoplastic polyester material;
2. High quality Enameled copper wire, F, H, N different insulation class for choose;
3. Built-in magnetic yoke, made by low carbon iron;
4. Encapsulation with high quality specially designed thermosetting & thermoplastic material.


Solenoid Coil Main Structure:

The conventional structure of a solenoid valve coil includes: Framework, Enameled copper wire, PIN, Yoke and Encapsulation. In addition, according to the actual use, there will be a magnetizing guide ring, a rectifier bridge be used for rectifying, etc.


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