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Why do you use softened water equipment in the laundry?

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Why do you use softened water equipment in the laundry?

Why do you use softened water equipment in the laundry?

Why do you use softened water equipment in the laundry?


The clothes washed in the laundry are relatively clean and the clothes are smooth, but the clothes washed out at home have no such effect, because the laundry is using softened water equipment? Does the clothes have requirements for water quality? We will introduce you to the softened water equipment.


1. Water in tap water
The natural water on the earth has several types of atmospheric precipitation, surface water and groundwater. It is widely distributed in nature and exists in the form of sea water, river water and well water. All natural water is impure even if it is not polluted by people. Most of the users live in tap water. Tap water is actually well water. Groundwater contains various soluble substances and impurities. Such water is not suitable for washing clothes. Water is a washing medium for washing, and a series of processes such as washing, pre-washing, main washing, bleaching, and watering of the fabric must be used. Good water quality ensures the quality of the wash.


2. The drawbacks of hard water washing
When using a hard water containing a high calcium and magnesium ion and a soapy laundry, 30% of the components in the soap are consumed by the combination of calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water. The calcium and magnesium soap formed after the combination is a water-insoluble viscous substance, which easily contaminates the clothes and is difficult to remove. If left on the clothes, the clothes will be whitened, yellowed and brittle. Therefore, hard water is not suitable for washing clothes.
The benefits of soft water washing Because soft water does not contain heavy metal ions such as calcium and magnesium, it does not react with detergents and does not form insoluble deposits, thus saving a lot of detergents, softeners, bleaches, and eliminating The stains attached to the clothes also prevent the clothes from becoming yellow and hard.

3. The quality of washing water
Water quality has certain quality standards. The quality standard for water is determined by the amount of impurities in the water. In the natural world, calcium, magnesium and other salts are widely distributed, so calcium and magnesium salts become the main component of hardness. Generally, the total hardness of water refers to the sum of the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in water. The unit of hardness has been determined to be 1 German degree in German, that is, 100 parts of water containing 1 part of calcium carbonate. Now use mmol/L as the hard water unit. 1 German degree is equal to 0.357 mmol / L. Due to the different types and amounts of impurities in the water, the water is generally classified into hard water and soft water. Water having a hardness of 2.9 mmol/L or more is called hard water.




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