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Pulse single dust collector

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Pulse single dust collector
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Single machine pulse bag type dust collector debugging


1, injection system debugging


Before commissioning, all access doors and access doors should be closed and locked. The debugging of the blowing system is mainly to check whether the blowing gas circuit system is leaking and whether the pulse valve is working normally, and whether the control device controls the control valve correctly or not. Turn on the power and adjust the air supply pressure to meet the design requirements. Look at the connection between the pulse valve and the air bag and the nozzle. If there is no air leakage, the controller can be turned on and the pulse valve can be observed. If the operation is correct, the test operation can be performed.



2, trial operation

2.1. After the above adjustment work is completed, the empty load commissioning and the load test can be carried out.


(1) Turn on all power, compressed air source, and clean air controller.


(2) Start the main fan and observe the air load running resistance (U-tube pressure gauge) to measure the air volume of the inlet and outlet. The air leakage rate should be less than 5%. At the same time, observe the fan motor. When the temperature rise does not exceed the allowable temperature of the limit, it is normal.


(3) If the air leakage is large, the air leakage point should be found and dealt with in time.



(4) Observe whether the pulse system works normally. If the above work is normal, you can enter the load test.

5.2.2, load test

(1) Start all process equipment and pass dusty fumes. Observe the rising resistance of the dust collector and the discharge of the exhaust port. When the new filter bag is put into use, there will be a slight amount of dust spilling out of the discharge port. This is a normal phenomenon and will be automatically eliminated after a while.


(2) When the dust collector resistance rises to (1200-1500Pa), start the cleaning controller to clean the dust and observe the pressure drop.


(3) Periodic measurement can be performed when the entire process system is stable and normal. The method is: first start the cleaning controller to clean the dust, and start timing. When the cleaning is finished, observe the running pressure, and when the pressure rises to (1200-1500 Pa), stop the timing. This period of time is the cleaning cycle. This method should be repeated three times, taking the average value as the cleaning cycle and adjusting the cleaning controller.


(4) Observe the automatic control of the cleaning controller. After all the normal work, it can be put into normal operation.



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