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For causes of dust filter bag damage

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Good quality Pneumatic Pulse Valve for sales
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For causes of dust filter bag damage

For causes of dust filter bag damage

Four causes of dust filter bag damage


The filter speed of bag filter is too high. A new type of pulse dust collector with high efficiency. High purification efficiency, large gas treatment capacity, stable performance, long life of filter bag, easy operation, small maintenance workload and other advantages. In recent years, some units blindly reduce equipment costs and increase benefits. In the design of bag-type precipitator, the filter wind speed increases, the user has no obvious response in a short time, but the service life of the filter bag is greatly shortened. This will not only not save customers money, but also bring great economic burden and waste of time.



2. The key to filter bag is to correctly select the corresponding dust temperature


Suitable dust filter bag. If the temperature is too high, the selected dust removal filter bag should exceed the normal service temperature, the light of the filter bag will shorten the service life, serious will be burned out in a short time. Therefore, when selecting filter bag, it is necessary to measure and calculate the inlet temperature of the dust collector and select the corresponding filter bag.



3. The selection of the bag of the dust collector depends on the dust properties of the dust collector


The selection of the bag of the dust collector depends on the dust properties of the dust collector. Consider whether the dust contains acid, alkali, or corrosive substances. According to the nature of dust, choose the filter material suitable for its use, so that the filter bag can absorb dust normally, without affecting its service life.



4. Product quality


Cloth bag processing is particularly important. The performance of a dust remover is expressed in terms of the amount of gas that can be handled, the resistance loss when the gas passes through the dust remover, and the dust removal efficiency. In recent years, some small manufacturers with small sewing machines for processing equipment, inferior line for raw material processing, false true, processing level is far behind. So that the filter bag in a short period of time will appear open, cracking, bottom drop phenomenon. Although the size of the cloth bag is a little smaller can also be used, but in the adsorption of a large proportion of dust, the use of a period of time will appear the phenomenon of cloth bag fall.





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